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Note that telemarketing services deal exclusively with outbound calling. For inbound call services, click the "Call Center Services" tab above, or click here to read our content on Call Center Services.

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Adhering to
Do-Not-Call Laws

Avoid big problems and hefty fines by following a handful best practices. Find out how to stay on top of the laws and obtain frequently updated lists.

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Should I Outsource/Offshore?

While outsourcing can help lower costs, it can also potentially hurt your business. Only a true cost/benefit analysis will reveal if outsourcing is right for your firm.

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Elements of Telemarketing Pricing

Do you pay per minute, per hour, or per agent? What about extra services? Our pricing section can outline the costs you should expect to pay.

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Telemarketing Basics

Telemarketing can be a powerful networking and marketing tool. However, it also carries the stigma of being an intrusive and bothersome method of obtaining new customers and generating sales. While there are many telemarketing scams out there that you should shy away from, legitimate business telemarketing is a great way to increase your customer base.

Business telemarketing is a completely different breed from the annoying calls you get that interrupt dinner or a sound sleep. Rather than focus on individual consumers, this brand of telemarketing concentrates on businesses that have expressed interest in products and services like the ones you offer. There is a significant amount of cold calling as well, but it's usually to a list of potential customers who may have a need for what your company brings to the table. It can be quite a daunting task to hire, train, and manage telemarketers in house. You need to make sure they do the job well under minimum supervision and you may not have the resources for that time investment. In addition, you have to spend considerable dollars on computer equipment, furniture, and benefits.

To avoid these costs, providers can set you up with a telemarketing services team that works from your offices or a dedicated call center. These telemarketers can process applications, generate leads, schedule appointments, and conduct surveys on behalf of your company. Best of all, these telemarketers will use whatever script and information you supply them with to properly represent your business.

Getting started with telemarketing

The first thing you need to figure out is what you hope to accomplish with a telemarketing campaign. Using our helpful checklist, you'll be able to pare down the type of solution you're looking for and discuss your options with multiple telemarketing service vendors: (use at the bottom of individual pages)

How many prospects are you hoping to reach?

(note: if you're looking for sales help, Call Center Comparison vendors can not provide you with telemarketers that work on a pay for performance basis)

Why should I use

One of the more crucial decisions you will need to make involves taking your telemarketing operations offshore. Call Center Comparison examines the reasons why it's worth considering and why you need to make such a decision with your company's best interest in mind!

It's important to know what to look for in a telemarketing solution. Check out our helpful top 10 list of benefits to conducting a telemarketing campaign, but be sure to keep in mind the various downsides before moving forward.

Note that telemarketing services deal exclusively with outbound calling. For inbound call services, click the "Call Center Services" tab above, or click here to read our content on Call Center Services.

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