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Should I Offshore?

This can be a somewhat controversial topic in the business world. Some will argue that it takes quality jobs out of the U.S. economy and sends them overseas. Others will defend it because of the great cost savings and efficiency it brings your business.

Regardless of what method you choose, you must do what’s best for the growth of your business. You can save a great deal of money with an offshore telemarketing solution vs. one in the U.S. Many companies go this route as a way to build their customer base while saving money. There’s nothing wrong with the decision as long as you and management are fine with it.

Remember that the telemarketing firm will work on behalf of your company. That means they are mentioning your business by name, talking about what you bring to the table, and convincing potential customers that they should be working with you. You want your firm associated with class from top to bottom so make sure an offshore telemarketing company can live up to the quality standards you set.

When you consider sending any aspect of your business offshore, you typically face three significant issues:

  1. You never meet with the telemarketers in person for training or orientation purposes
  2. Since they will work with mostly American clientele, their accents could be difficult to understand over the phone
  3. You can’t watch over them in person to make sure they are doing the job properly

Many offshore telemarketing operations have experienced management to oversee the process and ensure they live up to your high standards. In many cases, you can hold a teleconference or web conference to help with the training and see how the program is coming along.

One way to overcome the language barrier is to find an offshore telemarketing company that’s closest to the U.S. or where English is a primary language. You want customers to feel comfortable with the person at the other end and not struggle to understand and converse with them.